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Laminate Flooring Orange County

Discover how to add grandeur to your living place.

Laminate flooring Orange County can add style, grandeur and elegance to your home for a price that’s right for you. With looks of real hardwood flooring, the laminate floors add a touch of natural beauty to any home interiors. Read on to find how laminate flooring Orange County, can make you love your place even more.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring tiles and planks are specially designed flooring materials that look like hardwood flooring. Let's find what different layers are there.

The bottom layer or underlay is more of a cushioning layer made from plastic laminate or melamine. This layer prevents moisture from entering the core of the flooring. A thick underlayment also means there is less sound from dropping things like books or boxes. Some brands like Pergo have the underlayment pre-attached.

Above the underlayment is the core, which usually is made of high density fiberboard (HDF).Some cheaper models use medium density fiberboard, which are less durable.

Photo layer is one or two layers, which has the photograph of real hardwood printed on it. This layer gives your flooring a natural look of hardwood flooring. The layer is usually paper reinforced with melamine resin. Since this layer consists of printed photo, you can choose the appearance from several hundreds of hardwood designs, colors, and patterns. You can also choose solid colors.

Wear layer or the top layer is a transparent layer of clear aluminum oxide. Depending on the finish, the flooring can be anywhere from full gloss to low gloss.

Thickness of Laminate Flooring

Most people looking for laminate flooring in Orange County ask a lot of questions about the right thickness. The choices available are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. In general, you can say the thicker laminates offer better durability. Another factor to consider is the quality of materials that go into the core, underlayment and the wear layers. Most buyers pick the thicker styles because they can reduce sounds in the room. Every extra mm of thickness is helpful in this regard. The thickness absorbs much of the impact and reduces sounds. The underlayment is excluded while calculating thickness.

Top Brands for Laminate Flooring Orange County,
Pergo, Armstong, Bruce, Mannington, Witex, Shaw, Quick Step, etc are some of the top selling brands. You can shop for all the different brands from a single place. We carry the top brands that use the best technology to produce the finest laminate flooring tiles and planks.

Make your choice of flooring designs, thickness and brands. Our professionals can then install the flooring for you. The hardwood designs go well with almost any interior.

Browse our site and discover the excellent choices of flooring designs and brands available to you. You can also drop in to our laminate flooring Orange County location to get a real feel of what laminate floors really are and how exactly they can add grandeur to your place without spending a fortune.

Give us a call to our hot line number to get started on your laminate floor shopping. We offer on site delivery and installation services in Southern California from Orange County, to LA. Give us a call today for the best choice of laminate flooring in Orange County and give your house the look and feel you always loved.